Spanish city best in the world for retirees

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Spain is the fifth best place to retire in 2024, so it’s no surprise to see a Spanish city recommended to foreign retirees.

The elected Spanish city has a lot to offer people who want to enjoy their retirement. Think of special architecture, numerous shopping opportunities, diverse cultural activities and a wide variety of gastronomic options. Finally, there are beautiful beaches nearby where you can relax in both summer and winter thanks to the mild climate all year round. The overview places Braga in Portugal in second place, followed by Mazatlán in Mexico in third place. Greek Crete and Chitré in Panama close the top five.

Five best places

The research was conducted by the website Live and Invest Overseas, which specialises in economic advice for readers looking to invest, retire or start a business abroad. Based on factors such as safety, quality and cost of living and the facilities for obtaining a residence permit, has compiled a list of the five best places in the world to enjoy retirement.

Spanish city number 1

The conclusion that Valencia is the best city in the world for retirees will delight Valencians and perhaps inspire people to delve deeper into that region. Website founder Kathleen Peddicord calls Valencia her “favourite choice” for retirement for several reasons. The city has beautiful beaches “just minutes from the city centre” and thanks to its “pleasant” climate, people can enjoy them all year round.

Valencia is also known for its impressive architecture that combines centuries of history with ultra-modern elements. Think of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias by architect Santiago Calatrava. In addition, Peddicord praises the city’s “high-quality infrastructure and services”, including public transport, healthcare and green spaces. Live and Invest Overseas also emphasises the high level of safety in Spain, the various options for obtaining a residence permit and the “great” health system.

Cogesa Expats

Quality of life index

Valencia is also number one in the Quality of Life index of the international network organisation Internations. The city on the Spanish east coast has been voted the best place to live for expats. Expats praise public transport as affordable, feel safe in the city, like the good opportunities for recreational sports, are happy with their social life here and find it easy to settle in Valencia. The cost of living is also rated positively.

Spain attractive for retirees

Spain is often in the top 10 of the best countries to live in during retirement. According to the Global Retirement Index of the specialised magazine International Living, Spain ranks fifth due to its attractive combination of high quality of life, an enviable climate and a rich cultural offer. International Living points out that it is possible to enjoy a comfortable life in Spain with a monthly budget of €1,850. However, it does state that this amount varies depending on the location within the country. For example, the cost of living is higher in Madrid than in Malaga. Furthermore, rural areas are much cheaper to live than urban ones.


In October, Forbes placed Malaga in the top three of the best cities in the world to live after the age of 60. No other Spanish city appeared in that list. An important argument for this was the climate. “For many who want to spend their retirement years in comfort, this is an important asset,” Forbes said. The magazine also praised the mobility and safety in the southern Spanish city.

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