Spaniard Alonso takes a podium place during first Formula 1 race in Bahrain

by Lorraine Williamson

SPORT – All eyes were focused on the new team of Aston Martin during the first Formula 1 competition in Bahrain. Especially when the Spaniard Fernando Alonso stole the show by getting a third podium place. Yet it had made little difference, or he hadn’t even finished. 

For the real Formula 1 lovers it was a fantastic day on Sunday 5 March: the first race of the 2023 season was planned and took place on the spectacular circuit of Bahrain. It was already concluded from the training sessions and qualifying that this season it could be very exciting. 

Striking results already visible before the race 

Where Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari have dominated in recent years, it is very close together this year. The result of the qualification on Saturday already showed that almost the full top 10 was finished within 1 second. Anyone who also noticed was the Spaniard Fernando Alonso, who has been running for many years in Formula 1. He switched to the team of Aston Martin in the winter and that certainly did not hurt him. In two training sessions he set the fastest time and during qualifying he managed to clock the fifth time so that he could start in the third row. 

Spanish Alonso almost from race tapped by his own teammate 

Although the race was generally not very exciting, Alonso did experience some exciting moments. When the first corner continues, he was hit from behind by his teammate, Lance Stroll. A painful moment for the Canadian who suffered from a broken wrist. Fortunately, both drivers could continue with the race without too much damage to their cars. 

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Alonso was fighting George Russell from Mercedes en route. He turned out not to be easy, but in the end Alonso managed to pass him by. The Dutchman Max Verstappen already took a large lead during the start and continued to expand it during the race. In the end he easily managed to take the win during the first race of the season. For Verstappen it was the first time he won on this circuit in Bahrain. His teammate Sergio Perez took second place. 

Alonso busy with twentieth season within F1 

For Alonso it was his 99th podium place from his entire career on Sunday. The last time he reached the stage was in November 2021 during the race in Qatar. The Spaniard is now 41 years old and is currently working on his twentieth season in F1. In 2005 and 2006 he took the world title within F1 twice. 

Aston Martin, and in particular Fernando Alonso, is already being discussed as a major rival of this season from Team Red Bull and Mercedes. 

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