Spain transport strike ‘temporarily’ suspended

by Lorraine Williamson
truck strike temporarily suspended

MADRID – The Platform for the Defense of the Road Transport Sector has decided to ‘temporarily suspend’ the strike for independent carriers and SMEs. The strike started on March 14th and will resume when the Platform ‘deems appropriate. 

After 20 days of mobilisations, this was decided today at a meeting in a gas station in the city of San Fernando de Henares (Madrid). According to, this was attended by about a hundred carriers from all over Spain. 

 On March 14, the Platform called an indefinite strike that it has maintained to date. It did not accept the measures agreed by the government with the National Committee of Road Transport (CNTC). Below is a bonus of 20 cents per litre until June 30. 

“You guys are awesome” 

The Platform’s spokesperson, Manuel Hernández, began his speech by thanking those present for support; “You are great, you know that”. He thought it was time to “be smart”. And to “master the strength” that the group has shown in recent weeks “to strike the second blow to come”. 

A “break” – strike temporarily suspended

Hernandez welcomed the fact that the mobilizations across Spain have “set the government in motion”. Furthermore, he appealed to the organisation as a fundamental aspect so that all requests are eventually granted. “We have to organise and prepare even better in the provinces so that we can act with more force in a short time.” A vote then followed. 

Customise end of strike upon achievement of certain objectives 

Before the results were announced, the Platform spokesperson made it clear that the strike will not be called off until certain objectives have been achieved. That is until there is a decree that makes it impossible to hire transport services for a fee less than the cost. 

The break meant for better organisation 

With the agreed “break”, the Platform wants to organise itself even better to “represent the employees”. “I don’t want morale to drop because people think it was all for nothing,” Hernández added. 

At this point, he pointed to the carriers who, due to circumstances, have returned to work in the past week. Strike controls eased and traffic volumes exceeded 90% of the usual volume of heavy vehicles on the roads on Monday and Tuesday. 

“Mafia Commission” 

In addition, Hernández informed the carriers that the Platform will talk to various associations that wanted to leave the CNTC. Hernández referred to the carrier organisation as “that mafia commission” in this regard. 

In the coming days, it will be made easier for other interested parties to join the Platform. 

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