Spain recognises women’s premier league as a professional competition

by Lorraine Williamson
Women´s premier league football recognised in Spain

FOOTBALL – The Spanish Sports Council (CSD) has granted professional status to the women’s premier league. Until now, there was only a professional honorary and first division within the men’s football and the basketball league. 

On 15 June 2021, the board of directors of the CSD voted unanimously in favour for awarding professional status for the highest division of women’s football. President and Secretary of State for sport, Jose Manuel Franco announced this was an important step for the future of women in football. Furthermore, he also believes that with the recognition a historic debt has been paid towards all female football players. But also with the group of women athletes historically discriminated against simply because of their gender.

Necessary and just

Franco acknowledged women in football have always been discriminated against solely on the basis of being a woman. “The pursuit of equality is a top priority and the professionalisation of women’s football will open doors for the professionalisation of other sports. This recognition will mark a period before and after,” said the CSD chairman. 

Cogesa Expats

Women´s premier league football

Franco, is convinced that Spanish women’s premier league football will be among the best in the world. And as such, calls the decision “necessary and just”. Moreover, a decision that was preceded by numerous discussions between the CSD, the football clubs involved, the Spanish Women’s Football Association (ACFF), the Spanish Football Federation and La Liga. 

Second milestone for women’s football in Spain 

With the recognition of a professional women´s premier league, football in Spain has achieved a second major success. Last year, for the first time, a collective labour agreement was established for professional football players in Spain. Players from the Spanish league went on strike prior to this because they demanded better conditions, including a minimum salary. 

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