Spain received 4 times more foreign tourists

by Lorraine Williamson
more foreign tourists
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MADRID – In October, 5.1 million foreign tourists visited Spain; no less than four times more compared to October 2020. These tourists also spent more than 5.5 times as much as a year ago. ‘Positive developments‘, according to the tourism sector. 

The Spanish news site wrote on Thursday about the arrival of so many tourists from abroad. Various conclusions were drawn from the study: For example, most foreign tourists stayed in Spain for between four and seven nights. 

United Kingdom, Germany, and France top 3 

With over 950,000 tourists (18.6% of the total), the United Kingdom was the largest representative of foreign tourists in Spain. Spain has always been loved by the British and when the travel measures were relaxed by the British government, it confirmed that love for Spain had far from cooled. 

However, Germany takes a close second place. Nearly 928,000 Germans visited Spain in October. French tourists take third place with the arrival of about 750,000 tourists. 

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What is the favourite destination in Spain for foreign tourists? 

The Balearic Islands are clearly a huge favourite among foreign tourists. In October, ten times as many foreign tourists came to the Spanish islands than a year ago. The Canary Islands also proved to be very popular in October, taking second place, while Catalonia took third place of favourite destinations in October. 

Positive developments in foreign tourism but still a long way to go 

In total, Spain received 24.8 million tourists from abroad until October, who together spent about €27.5 billion in Spain. It is good development that the figures mentioned are so far above those of 2020. 

Nevertheless, tourism in Spain still has a long way to go; the 24.8 million tourists who visited Spain up to October 2021 are still a long way from the nearly 75 million foreign tourists who came to Spain in the same ten months of 2019. 

Expenditure by foreign tourists in Spain 5.5 times more than last year 

With regard to the expenditure of these tourists, the developments can be called very positive. The income that Spain gained thanks to these tourists amounted to more than €5.5 billion last October. That is almost 5.5 times more than the income of October last year. While these revenues are not yet at pre-pandemic levels, the country is on the right track; in October 2019, Spain collected €8.3 billion. 


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