Border checks with Portugal in place until 1st March

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Border Checks remain until 1st March

MADRID: After repeated consultations with the Portuguese authorities, Spain has decided to extend border checks with Portugal until 1 March. Isolation restrictions for the first 10 days will remain in place.

The Official Journal (BOE) published the decision – taken to contain the spread of Covid-19 – on Tuesday. Entering and leaving Spanish territory via the Portuguese border can only happen under certain conditions. The Directorate-General of Police responsible for coordinating border checks with the Portuguese authorities, will provide information on timings later.

Who can cross the border with the right documents?

Spanish citizens and their spouse, or partner with whom they have a marital relationship entered in a public register, their ascendants and descendants living under their supervision are allowed to cross the border provided they travel together.

Spanish nationals who can prove they are legally resident.

Students studying in Spain.

Cogesa Expats

Nationals of other Member States and countries belonging to the Schengen area who are en route to their place of usual residence and can prove it.

Persons who, for any reason, are staying in Spain exclusively for work or are in transit. These include, for example, border workers, health care and transport workers.

Foreign employees, as members of diplomatic missions, or working at consulates or international organisations based in Spain, may also cross the border when travelling in connection with the performance of their official duties.

Participants on State trips and members of the security services and armed forces for the performance of their duties.

Urgency – border crossings, only with the necessary documents, in case of force majeure, emergency or humanitarian reasons.


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