High-tech drug trafficking network dismantled

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high tech drug trafficking network

Innovative drug trafficking between Ceuta and Morocco 

Spanish police units rolled up a very special drug network on Monday. A criminal network had been using drones to transport drugs between Ceuta and Morocco for months. But on Monday, the Spanish police put an end to this. 

Drug networks are common in Spain. But drug smuggling is also taking on new forms. It was the first time the Policía Nacional of Ceuta and the Guardia Civil has dismantled this type of drug network. On Mondaypolice stopped this innovative form of international drug trafficking between Ceuta and Morocco.  The government delegation from Ceuta released a statement on Monday evening, Spanish news site Voz Populí reported. 

Spanish police have been monitoring the network since September 2020 

The joint operation of both police units was dubbed “Around Hornet”.  And investigations into the smuggling started last September. In the end, police seized drones transporting the drugs by air between Morocco and Ceuta. The main target was shot down near Príncipe Felipe in Ceuta on December 21.  As a result, this caused the organisation to falter.  

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Seizure and arrests 

On Mondaythree house searches were carried out and four people arrested. In addition to these arrests, drones, computers, and weapons were also seized. Furthermore, various types of narcotics had been transported between both places. And police units confiscated Rivotril tablets, hashish, as well as other drugs.

Innovative drug trafficking 

The drones were capable of transporting cargo weighing up to 25 kilos for around 10-15 minutes depending on weather conditionsAll assets seized have since been handed over to the authorities.  Ceuta’s regional government announced the detainees will be charged with crimes against public health and participation in a criminal organisation. 

The investigation has not yet been completed. And as such the police units say they do not rule out multiple searches or further arrests. 


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