Spain can count on heavy snowfall this week

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heavy snowfall

MADRID – Spain is turning white this week. According to the Spanish weather site, there will be more snowfall in Spain this week, than elsewhere in Europe. The Atlantic storm Filomena brings bitter cold, freezing fog and record snow fall with such pictures, rare in Spain.

At the beginning of this week, weather site already predicted a lot of snow in Spain. Whereas predictions may or may not come true, the meteorologists seem to have got it right on this occasion.  Towards the end of this week, more snow is expected in Spain than elsewhere in Europe!

Perfect ingredients 

A cold front and stormy winds from the Atlantic Ocean mixing with the softer humid air on the peninsula, make the perfect recipe for lots of snow. Before Sunday, January 10, the Spanish weather service Aemet also predicts a rare situation in Spain. On Wednesday, the snow is expected to extend from the north of Zaragoza to far into the south of Spain. Following this, the snowfall will continue to spread over the Spanish mainland.

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Storm Filomena warns yellow and orange weather alerts 

From Wednesday, the Atlantic storm Filomena will bring a lot of snowfall in almost all regions within Spain. High levels of wind and rain are also expected in Andalusia.  As a result, the Aemet is issuing code yellow and orange for the days ahead due to high volume of snow, rain, storms and low temperatures.

Villages and roads impassable in Spain

The beginning of the week already started with low temperatures in many parts of mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. However, it did not stop at that!   In addition, the middle to high areas in the northern parts of Spain woke up to a thick layer of snow. At the time of writing, entire villages, for example, in León, are closed due to the heavy snowfall and various roads in La Rioja and in the Pyrenees have become impassable.

Skiing from the roof in San Isidro

The concept of “a thick layer of snow” takes on a new meaning in San Isidro (León). At the station, the snow reaches up to seven meters high. A video from the Spanish news site shows a resident crawling out through the window on the first floor and attempting to ski down his roof. However, the winter sports enthusiast will have to be patient because the many snowfalls and winter storms make the ski areas very unsafe.

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