Spain approves ‘trans law’ and abortion law reform

by Lorraine Williamson
trans law and abortion law reforms

The Spanish parliament has approved two laws from the Ministry of Equality: the ‘trans law’ and the reform of the abortion law. Only Vox and Partido Popular voted against it. 

The PSOE, Unidas Podemos and the parties supporting the coalition voted in favour. Furthermore, the ‘trans law’ recognises the person´s will as the only requirement to change sex in the population register. This is now possible from the age of 16. Moreover, countless research reports or evidence no longer need to be provided. Also, no one else needs to be involved. This depathologises the process and introduces several advancements for the LGTBI community. 

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The reform of the abortion law has been approved with opposition from PP and Vox. The socialists and purple have reached an agreement. However, the ‘trans law’ has shown the discrepancies within the government and part of the feminist movement. There are differences of opinion regarding the criteria related to trans minors and gender self-determination. 

Star Law of Minister Montero 

The trans law is one of the star bills of the Ministry of Equality. Head, Irene Montero, has pledged to continue winning rights for the LGTBI+ collective if approved. But the new standard also includes other measures related to the LGTBI+ collective. Including access to assisted reproduction or the parentage of the children of lesbian couples without them having to get married. 

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Reform abortion law 

In addition to the introduction of the trans law, a reform of the sexual and reproductive health and voluntary termination of pregnancy law was approved by 185 votes to 154, with three abstentions from PdeCat delegates. The amendment to the abortion law makes it possible for women over the age of 16 to freely have an abortion during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. 

This abolished the requirement introduced by the PP government in 2015 that forced minors between the ages of 16 and 17 to have the consent of their legal representatives. In addition, public hospitals are established as reference centres for performing abortions. 

The Equality Minister, despite her delight at the passing of the law, warned of the resistance there will be when it comes to applying the law, as has happened in all feminist regulations. Therefore, she believes now is the time to work with the Autonomous Communities, health centres and competent administrations to ensure that all hospitals are adequately staffed to perform abortions while respecting the right of conscientious objection of health care workers. 

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