Passenger transport sector Spain also in protest against high fuel prices

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MADRID – Not only the freight transport sector is protesting against rising fuel prices. Taxi drivers, rental car drivers, ambulances, and non-regular transport buses are also protesting the rise in energy prices.

While the freight transport by road is doing so using an indefinite strike, which is entering its 10th day today, the above-mentioned drivers plan to demonstrate en masse on Sunday in Madrid. Sources confirmed the demonstration next Sunday, despite a meeting between industry representatives and the transport minister on Wednesday.

Road passenger transport sector

The road passenger transport group thus joins the protests in other sectors related to the rise in energy prices and raw materials.

“State Problem”

The fact that truck drivers have temporarily stopped working is endangering the supply of food and other goods in large parts of Spain. The problems are already such that employers in the food sector consider it a “state problem”. They demand a quick solution from the government and point out that the conflict already threatens production. More than 100,000 jobs are at stake, they say.

“Critical situation”

The passenger branch of the National Committee for Road Transport (CNTC) announced the demonstration of road passenger transport on Tuesday. This is despite the conversation that will take place on Wednesday with Minister Sánchez of Transport. During this conversation, it is hoped “to convey the critical situation the sector has found itself in by the exponential rise in energy prices”, as confirmed by the National Association of Taxis (ANTAXI).

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Immediate action needed

Julio Sanz is chairman of ANTAXI and will attend the meeting with the minister on Wednesday. He believes road passenger transport will have “serious problems sustaining itself” if the price increase continues. That is why tomorrow they will ask the minister to take immediate measures to ensure the survival of the sector.

Other countries do help

Sanz also recalled that “countries like Portugal” are already providing this aid. And, furthermore, other countries such as France have approved aid that will take effect on April 1. Therefore, the government of Spain should also alleviate the situation for the sector.

“We know that in general, the situation is complicated. Nevertheless, we trust that the government will use the resources at its disposal to ensure the survival of this type of transport. After all, it provides services to the whole of Spain,” concluded it. Sanz.

Transport strike

Meanwhile, the indefinite strike continues to keep Spain in suspense on the tenth day of protest. It was called for by the platform for the defense of the transport of goods by road. Until now, there are no plans to stop the strike. Not even despite the €500 million in support the government has pledged to freight carriers to offset the rise in fuel prices.

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