Rain in Spain does not seem to make way for the sun until the end of March 

by Lorraine Williamson
rain in Spain

The past weeks in Spain were characterised by the presence of storm Celia, by rain in many areas, and by the calima of Sahara dust. From Sunday afternoon, a new Atlantic front with thunderstorms will enter Spain. With again a chance for a lot of rain. 

This front will also cause clouds and precipitation in the south-west of the peninsula next week, occasionally accompanied by thunderstorms, reports the Spanish weather service Aemet 

The eastern part of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands will continue to have cloudy weather with rain and showers. However, these will generally be less intense than those of recent days. Showers will be particularly heavy in the Valencia region and in northeastern Catalonia. From the Strait of Gibraltar, the levant – a warm easterly wind – will rise. This will blow strong at intervals in the Mediterranean area. In the south-west of the peninsula and around the Strait of Gibraltar heavy rain can fall locally. The rest of Spain is mostly cloudy, rain is expected in the mountain areas in the north.  

On the Canary Islands it is also cloudy and it may rain in the north. Around the Alborán Sea it can be foggy, as well as in Melilla, where there can be dense fog. 

Temperatures stable 

 As far as temperatures are concerned, little will change. However, there will be an increase in minimum temperatures in eastern Cantabria, La Mancha and Andalucia. In the Pyrenees it will freeze slightly and also in other mountain ranges in the north and in the Sierra Nevada frost is not excluded.  

Rain until the end of March 

Next week rain may be heavy and prolonged in the Valencian Community, in the south-west, the area around the Strait of Gibraltar and south of the Central System. There is less chance of rain in the far north of the peninsula and in the east of the Balearic Islands. Aemet spokesman Rubén Del Campo explained that, in general, a rainy week is forecast, following the trend of the first two weeks of March, in which ‘almost the whole of Spain has had double or triple the normal rainfall in the month of March, which has contributed to the precipitation deficit falling by 10% in these two weeks, from 42% to the current 32%’. According to the weather service eltiempo.es, a new rain front will hit much of Spain only from Wednesday. This will also persist on Thursday and Friday.

It seems the rain will not begin to disappear and make way for clear skies and sunshine until the end of March.  


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