Prices of these foods continue to rise despite lower inflation

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Although inflation remained stable in April, prices of certain basic foodstuffs continue to rise. This is evident from a study by FACUA-Consumidores en Acción on prices in May.

Despite the still reduced VAT rate, the prices of some products are rising. This is contrary to the Royal Decree that limits these price increases. According to the law, prices may only increase if the costs of the products in question have also increased.

Most price increases for fruit

The products that have seen the biggest price increases are Fuji apples, lemons and seedless white grapes. Fuji apples rose 9.5% in May. Supermarket Hipercor showed the largest increase in this respect: from €2.25 to €2.89 per kilo. Lemons have increased by 7%, especially at Eroski (from €1.52 to €1.75). White grapes have become more expensive by 4.5%, with the largest increase at Lidl (from €1.99 to €2.49, an increase of 25%).

Other products that have become more expensive

In addition to fruit, other products have also risen in price. A dozen size M eggs increased by 3.3%. Alcampo’s Pitas brand increased by 33.52% (from €1.79 to €2.39). Other price increases can be seen in garlic (3.2%), lentils (1.8%), sunflower oil (1.6%), red potatoes (1.5%), olive oil (1.2%), round grain rice ( 0.1%) and whole milk (0.03%).

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Prices remained the same or cheaper

There are also products that have maintained their price or even become cheaper in May. Mushrooms and carrots have kept the same price as in April. The largest price drops can be seen for oranges (-20.1%), strawberries (-12.3%), a five kilo bag of potatoes (-9.78%) and iceberg lettuce (-6%).

Year-on-year price increases remain a concern

Although monthly inflation is stabilising, annual price increases remain alarming. According to FACUA, olive oil is the biggest gainer with an average increase of 68.9% across all varieties and supermarkets. Coosur mild olive oil at Hipercor increased in price by 128.84%, from €5.79 to €13.25 per litre. Other significant year-on-year increases can be seen in red potatoes (31.39%), white grapes (19.75%) and Fuji apples (12.29%).

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