Premier presents rigorous 30-year modernisation plan for Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
modernisation plan - España 2050

MADRID – The España 2050 Strategic Plan is a rigorous 30-year modernisation plan for Spain. Sánchez thinks it is time for transformation. One of the most radical plans is to ban short flights if the train can be a good alternative. 

Prime Minister Sánchez presented the plan to politicians and business people along with the four Deputy Prime Ministers Carmen Calvo, Nadia Calviño, Yolanda Diaz and Teresa Ribera at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. 

Time for transformation in Spain 

“It’s time for transformation,” Sánchez said during his speech. The Prime Minister thanked more than a hundred experts for their cooperation in this plan. According to Sánchez, few countries have such a rigorous and concrete plan for the future like Spain. 

Cogesa Expats

Which nine spearheads will be part of the modernisation plan? 

The plan contains 50 objectives that are grouped in nine main areas and which Spain will be committed to over the next 30 years: 

  • Quality of education at least equal to education quality in other European countries
  • Increase productivity as a country
  • Better training for the population
  • Promote the use of green energy
  • Preparing for a welfare state as people are living longer
  • Promote balanced territorial development
  • Identify and solve shortcomings in the labour market earlier
  • Reduce poverty and inequality
  • Restore and promote social well-being

España 2050 plan for and with the entire country 

Coordinating these spearheads lies entirely with the Spanish government. For its implementation, Prime Minister Sánchez also calls for the involvement of citizens and institutions: “It is a state project and the whole country must be part of it,” said Pedro Sánchez. 

Ban on short flights 

A tip of the veil that Sánchez already lifted is that he wants to ban short flights and offers the train as an alternative if you can also be at your destination within 2.5 hours by train. The aim is to significantly reduce emissions from the transport sector. 

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