Police shut down brothel apartments in Malaga: Forced sex and exploitation

Criminal organisation exploited more than 500 women

by Lorraine Williamson

Spanish police have raided one of the largest sexual exploitation networks in Spain, located in Malaga. During the operation, eleven women were freed from “brothel apartments” in the city where they were forced into sex to pay off so-called “debts.”

The police dismantled a criminal network that coerced victims into sexual acts around the clock. The perpetrators were ruthless, forcing women to engage in sex without condoms and even during menstruation. Police estimate that the illegal network exploited over 500 women of Latin American origin and generated an annual profit of €1.5 million from these activities.

Investigation started after anonymous tips

The police investigation began after three tips were received via the Spanish national hotline 900 10 50 90 and the email address trata@policia.es, where citizens can anonymously report human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Based on these tips, the police located four illegal brothel apartments operated by the organisation in Malaga.

Women lured to Spain with false promises

According to the police, the criminal network operated very professionally and had many members. The organisation recruited a significant portion of its victims in their home countries, mainly Colombia. The women, all in dire economic situations, were lured to Spain under false pretenses with job offers in a beauty salon owned by the organisation. Upon arrival, they were told they had to repay the costs of the trip and arrangements by prostituting themselves for the organisation. The police reported that the women could never repay their debts due to unjust fines and penalties imposed by the network.

Deplorable conditions in brothel apartments

“The working conditions were deplorable and severely endangered the women’s health,” stated the National Police. They also reported that the women “had to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and could not refuse any client or service.” The victims were forced to work even during menstruation and without condoms, leading several women to contract sexually transmitted infections. Despite this, the perpetrators continued to exploit them. The women were also constantly monitored via cameras in the brothel apartments and were only allowed to leave the apartment for two hours a day with explicit permission from the supervisors.


In addition to sexual exploitation, the criminal network also distributed narcotics in the brothel apartments. The victims were forced to use drugs and offer them to clients to keep them as long as possible and generate more profit.

The police discovered a parallel business network controlled by the leaders of the criminal organisation, designed solely to give a semblance of legality to the illegal profits. Investigations revealed that the organisation had a fixed monthly income target for each brothel apartment, amounting to an estimated annual income of around €1.5 million.

Other seized goods

During the raids in Malaga, €145,338 in cash, 1.2 kilos of cocaine, various cutting agents, and weighing equipment were seized. By order of the judge, the four apartments were closed, 13 bank accounts were frozen, and various assets worth €130,000 were confiscated.

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