Partner of stabbed woman arrested in Torremolinos

by Lorraine Williamson
arrested in Torremolinos for the murder of his partner

TORREMOLINOS – A 45-year-old man has been arrested in Torremolinos, Malaga, suspected of stabbing his 28-year-old partner to death. The incident took place in their apartment in the Carihuela neighbourhood. 

According to sources from ‘Europa Press’, who are close to the investigation, it was a neighbour who alerted the police. He heard the woman’s screams and knocked on their door. However, the suspected perpetrator claimed that nothing was wrong. But, when the neighbour asked if he could speak to the woman, he got no reply. Before running away, the suspect closed the apartment door. 

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History of violence 

The woman’s body, with obvious stab wounds, was later found, after which the police began to search for the man. The man was arrested in Torremolinos, and is now in custody. Both he, and the victim had a history of domestic violence, according to Andalucia’s government delegation. They were both registered in the Viogén system, a national system for monitoring domestic violence cases. However, this was because of relationships with previous partners. Despite their tumultuous past, there were no previous reports of violence between the couple in this system. 

The Malaga Hoy newspaper writes, based on statements by a friend of the woman, that she had ended the relationship just last week to break the spiral of violence she underwent. Despite this, the two still lived together. The victim is said to have three children, the youngest of whom was with her alleged killer. Residents often heard screaming, but when they confronted the woman about it, she denied everything. She worked in the hospitality industry and was very popular with her colleagues. 

Mourning in Torremolinos 

In memory of the victim, the municipality of Torremolinos has declared a day of official mourning. The flags will be flown at half-mast until 1.30 pm on Thursday. Furthermore, a minute of silence is scheduled for noon today, at the entrance of the town hall. The community comes together to show their respect and compassion and to strongly condemn domestic violence. 

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