Over 100 immigrants rescued at sea by Guardia Civil

by Lorraine Williamson
Guardia Civil rescue immigrants at sea - screen grab from official Guardia Civil YouTube video

CANARY ISLANDS – At the end of last week, the Guardia Civil received information about immigrants in a boat drifting out at sea during the night.

Reportedly, the Guardia Civil were advised there were just over 100 immigrants on board. However, the boat was around 160 miles from Nouadhibou in Mauritania on course for Gran Canaria. But this was a further 440 miles away.

Guardia Civil rescue the immigrants

Due to the possibility of fatalities onboard, the Río Segura intervened and began the rescue immediately. The Río Segura is the flagship patrol boat of the Maritime Service of the Guardia Civil.


A total of 105 men were rescued. All had symptoms of exhaustion, and some were injured, as apparently, they had been at sea for more than two weeks.

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After a further 36 hours, the men were helped disembark in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. One had to be taken by stretcher. However, after receiving treatment from the Red Cross and the Emergency Services of the Canary Islands, three of the men were transferred to the hospital.

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