New flying car for Spanish National Police

by Lorraine Williamson
flying police car

MADRID – The flying squad comes to Spain. The vehicle is called 216 and is manufactured by a Chinese company. The vehicle completed its exhibition flight last year in Korea.

216 will be on display at the World ATM Congress in Madrid from 26-28 October. The flying car is shown on Twitter by the Policia Nacional. It has an electric motor and eight propellors with a maximum speed of 130 km/hr. The vehicle weighs 600 kilos and has a load capacity of 220 kilos. Furthermore, the drone looks very comfortable inside and can accommodate two people.

The forefront of European police

As commented on Twitter “the use of this autonomous aerial vehicle, will place the Spanish Police at the forefront of European police in the field of drones”. Furthermore, it will be used by the National Police to access areas of high contamination, NRBQ (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical incidents), and for air access to confined spaces.

Reduced emissions

According to manufacturers, EHang AAV, “it uses electric power to reduce environmental harm caused by emission. The aircraft can be charged by 220V or 380V power supply in 1 hour at the fastest. The charging devices can communicate in real-time with the aircraft Battery Management System (BMS). Also, due to its size take-off and landing is vertical, therefore an airport or runway is not necessary. The process is extremely smooth, and no pilot training is needed due to its smart control system. It is also a very effective way to avoid traffic congestion.


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