Covid measures: Valencia hospital postpone surgeries

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Valencia hospitals take new covid measures

VALENCIA – New covid measures in Valencia region. Valencia’s regional Ministry of Health postpones all unnecessary surgeries and treatments in the hospitals for the time being. 

In view of the growing number of covid-19 patients, the regional Ministry of Health wants as many beds as possible vacated.  Friday saw a record number of infections registered, with 4,557 new positives and 70 deaths. Of these, 30 died in residences or nursing homes. Hospital admissions are also growing, with 2,332 covid patients in Valencian hospitals on Friday. That was 78 more than Thursday and the highest number since the pandemic broke out in March.

Emergency and field hospitals also deployed

Newspaper El Mundo reports that all surgical activities and non-emergency diagnostic tests will now stop. In addition, hospitals must prepare all beds for acute and critical care. Field and emergency hospitals should also prepare. Furthermore, it is prohibited to visit admitted patients.

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Planned non-urgent surgical activities include non-admission surgeries, patient referrals to the accident plan, non-preferred diagnostic tests and scheduled admissions, except in cancer cases.

These new corona measures in Valencia, along with other guidelines, are in “Organizational Measures for Healthcare in Response to Covid-19,” prepared by the Department of Health and released by the medical union CESM.

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