Netflix filming on Mallorca

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Port of Pollenca, Mallorca

Parts of Pollenca appear to have snow and stalactites in mid-August as Netflix start filming a new Adam Sandler film.

In the middle of a heatwave, with a fig tree covered in ripening fruit, Pollença appears to have had a snow fall.

In fact, Adam Sandler is on Mallorca for the filming of the new Netflix feature film. On the way to the port, in front of the Gommar apartments, the Hollywood star was feeling the heat on his first day of filming on the island, wearing a winter jacket.

A few metres from the beach, Cadernera Street transformed into snowy Russia and the traditional construction of marés, into a McDonalds.

Feeding potatoes to a goat

The well-known actor began filming after 8:30 pm. He was not the only protagonist, since he shared a shot all the time with a goat that he fed potatoes while leaning against an old taxi. They repeated the scene several times and when the director said “wrap”, the audience applauded.

Cogesa Expats

There was also applause before the start for the Spanish filming team and the rest of the workers. Some had been filling the set with fake snow since early in the morning, around 500 kilos of biodegradable paper cellulose.


“This is the most exciting thing that has happened here in centuries”, as one frequent vacationer, Pablo Aparicio, commented. The ones who had fun and yelled at Adam Sandler were the foreign customers from the nearest bar, and the popular American actor responded kindly and smiling from the car in which he arrived on set.

The film is about a talent scout who accidentally meets a basketball prodigy. The filming continues in Palma, in places such as the Rafal basketball court, exteriors in Nou Llevant and the Son Moix stadium. Then they will return to the north, to sa Fortalesa, a set very far from the modest Cadernera street.

The new film is called Hustle.

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