Morocco airspace is reopened but sea transport is still prohibited

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MADRID – From Monday, February 7, it will again be possible to travel internationally to or from Morocco. The government recently approved the reopening of airspace. However, the connections by sea will remain closed until further notice.

According to Moroccan media, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics of the Moroccan government has confirmed that the maritime borders will remain closed to passenger traffic. Goods and couriers can enter the country by sea. However, companies can only transport these with industrial vehicles, such as trucks and vans.

The sea lines connecting the ports of Tanger Med and Nador with the Spanish, French and Italian ports will thus remain closed to civilian transport until further notice.

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Thousands of Dutch and Spaniards were trapped in Morocco

Since the pandemic, the Moroccan government has suddenly closed its doors several times. As a result, thousands of Dutch and Spaniards could not leave the North African country in March 2020. Thousands of nationals abroad could not go back home since the end of November. The Moroccan state only allowed repatriation flights between December 15 and 23 and only flights from Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Portugal.

Protest against closed airspace

Moroccans who arrived on those planes had to go into quarantine in hotels assigned by the state. Over the past month, Moroccans working in the tourism sector have protested against the government’s decision to close the airspace. They called on their government to reopen the borders.

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