More than 15,000 volunteers have cleaned up waste in 926 Spanish nature reserves as part of World Environment Day

by Lorraine Williamson
World Environment Day

June 5 is World Environment Day. As part of this, more than 15,000 volunteers collected waste on Saturday in 926 natural areas in Spain, The action is part of the ‘1m2 against litter’ campaign of the Libera project of SEO/BirdLife and Ecoembes to combat the abandonment of waste in nature reserves.

It was an action in the context of World Environment Day that takes place on Wednesday 5 June. The initiative was supported by the organising bodies. Such as the Red Cross, ANSE, Paisaje Limpio, Oceánidas and Adenex, and by 193 Spanish government departments. This was the eighth edition of this initiative. First of all, it aims not only to clean up the natural environment, but also to educate about the impact of this environmental problem by collecting waste.

Waste was collected in these nature parks

Some of the points where waste was collected were the Lago de Sanabria Natural Park (Zamora), the Cornalvo Natural Park (Badajoz), the Lagunas de la Mata and the Torrevieja Natural Park (Alicante) and the Doñana Nature Reserve (Huelva, Seville and Cádiz).

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Social cry for healthy planet

The coordinator of the Libera Project at SEO/BirdLife, Miguel Muñoz, said in a press release that he is proud of the community’s commitment to caring for nature. He stressed that this action is “more than an initiative. It is a social cry to put an end to the abandonment of waste. And to ensure a healthy planet”.

More volunteers

Rosa Trigo is CEO of Ecoembes, the non-profit organisation that oversees the recycling of waste in the yellow and blue bins. She, for her part, emphasised that Libera will continue to work to mobilise society. And “to grow the large network of volunteers. So that every day more and more people stop being part of the problem. But becoming part of the solution.”

World Environment Day

The United Nations has created World Environment Day. The aim is to emphasise the importance of protecting the environment. And that the environment affects people’s well-being and economic development worldwide.

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