by Lorraine Williamson

People go missing for all sorts of reasons. Some planned, and others not. Some people may feel threatened or have nowhere to turn to. Others may just feel lost. But whatever the reason, there is always someone missing them, and searching for them, waiting for them to come home.

Recently InSpain.News reported on missing rugby star, Levi Davis. Levi was last seen in Barcelona at the end of October. According to reports, his phone or bank cards have not been used since then. An appeal by family, friends, and his x-rugby team has been launched for his safe return.

Possible sighting

Earlier this week, UK press reported that an alleged eyewitness in Spain had “spotted Levi looking lost and confused in an area frequented by homeless people”. This was on Monday morning. Furthermore, this area around Plaça Sant Agust in Barcelona is just a few minutes’ walk from the Irish Bar where he was last seen.

If you have any information on Levi´s disappearance or think you may have seen him, please contact the police, or email findlevidavis@gmail.com.

Sadly, Levi Davis is not the only missing person. People disappear every single day.

Missing persons organisation

SOS Desaparecidos is a non-profit organisation set up to help co-ordinate the search for those missing loved ones. It was established in Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia in 2010 but has been active since 2007. Furthermore, it collaborates in the dissemination of missing persons of any age, whose relatives do not know what has happened or where they might be.

Cogesa Expats

The 32 men and women who make up the SOS Desaparecidos team have as their mission to help families using their personal and professional experience.

In addition to Levi, here are just some of the other people who are currently missing;

Noelia Marcos García

15-year-old Noelia went missing on Tuesday from TORRELODONES, MADRID. She is around 50 kilos and 1.55m in height. Her hair is dark, long, and straight, and her eyes are dark.

Martin Fyrla Ruíz

Martin has been missing since November 12. He is 25 years old and was last seen in SANTANDER, CANTABRIA. Martin is around 1.8m tall, and 80 kilos in weight. He has long, brown, curly hair, and a goatee beard.

Martin was last seen wearing red trousers, dark Sweatshirt, with blue and yellow trainers. He mostly wears sunglasses and is classed as a vulnerable person.

Can you help?

There are many, many more people listed as missing on the SOS Desaparecidos website. If you have any information of the above, or anyone else on the website, you can call to the 24 hour assistance number (0034) 649 952 957 / 642 650 775, or send an email to info@sosdesaparecidos.es.

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