Metre-long shark opens summer season in Spain with beach closure

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On Monday, authorities on the island of Menorca closed a beach due to the presence of a blue shark between two and three metres long.

The shark was spotted on the beach of Arenal d’en Castell in Es Mercadal around half past four in the afternoon. The animal swam around in the bay, was clearly visible from the beach and kept swimming back and forth so that the lifeguards raised the red flag to prohibit swimming. There were many people because of the nice weather.

The emergency service 112 was alerted by several beach visitors and lifeguards, but were subsequently told that the presence of a blue shark on the coast is no reason to panic. The animal is not dangerous to humans. All that needs to be done is to ensure that people do not enter the sea until the shark itself leaves for deeper waters.

What to do when you see a blue shark?

According to, blue sharks are known for their large size – they can grow up to 4 metres in length – and their great agility and aerodynamics. They commonly live in temperate and tropical oceans around the world, searching for prey such as fish and squid.

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Their presence on beaches is not necessarily dangerous, but the sight can cause panic. The advice of the authorities in the event of a sighting is to leave the water to avoid so-called “exploratory bites”, which are due to their limited vision. If they are very close, it is advisable to avoid sudden movements or a hasty flight. You can also blow bubbles underwater or produce sounds so that the shark knows that you are not a threat.

Around 45 shark species in the Mediterranean

Every summer sharks are spotted along the Spanish Costas. Panic almost always arises, even though it is not actually necessary. According to experts, up to 45 shark species live in the Mediterranean Sea. Many of these are threatened with extinction. The blue shark is the most common species in this sea and has no reputation for aggression towards humans. The gray stick shark is also common, especially in the warmer waters further east. Then the smaller catshark and dogfish are frequently observed, which do not pose any danger to swimmers due to their size.

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