Messi leaves Barcelona

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Messi - statement from Laporta

FOOTBALL – Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona gave an official statement when he confirmed, “I want to make it clear that Leo Messi wanted to stay, and the Club wanted him to stay. But with La Liga rules, it has not been possible.”

In a tweet, Laporta commented, “I am here to explain what happened to Messi. Unfortunately, we have received a disastrous inheritance. And this for the salary bill represents over 100% of the total income of the club. And that implies that we have no salary margin. There is no room to maneuver and the La Liga fair play financial rules set the limits.” 

Messi and his love for Barça

He continued, “Leo Messi deserves everything, and he has shown his love for Barça and the willingness to stay in Barcelona. I am sad but convinced we have done the best for FC Barcelona’s interests. The Club is above everything else. The players, the best in the world, the President, everyone.” 

Solutions must be found

Barcelona now has a small margin to find solutions. The transfer window finishes at the end of this month, so much can happen before then. However, it is clear the club must find resources from other areas. Potential income must be sought from other commercial routes, sponsorship, and advertising.

Cogesa Expats

Finally, with regards to losses, Laporta stated: “The predicted losses predicted were around €200 million. However, they will be nearer to €500 million.

The club has a lot of work to do to reverse the current situation, both on and off the field.

Instagram translation of conference by Joan Laporta.

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