Málaga defends candidacy for organisation Expo 2027 in New York

by Lorraine Williamson
Expo 2027

MÁLAGA On Thursday, the mayor of Málaga was in New York to defend his city’s candidacy as organiser of the Expo 2027. 

With the project ‘The Urban Age: Towards the Sustainable City’, Málaga aims to strike a balance between urban development and the environment. The event promoting the candidacy, which competes with those of four other countries, filled the Little Spain market in New York with a large delegation from the city, as well as ambassadors from several dozen United Nations countries. 

The project revolves around the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Especially those related to education, the mayor of the Spanish city told EFE. The idea, he explained, is for companies, universities and other organisations interested in the challenges of sustainability to meet in Málaga to share good practices for three months in 2027. 

“No clearer challenge in the 21st century” 

“There is no more obvious challenge in the 21st century,” added De la Torre. He pointed out that cities make up a small percentage of the world’s occupied area. However, they account for 70% of greenhouse gas production. 

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Pointing out that it is the responsibility of city officials to “provide solutions”, De la Torre announced that Expo 2027 will be the “opportunity” to host conferences, seminars and congresses on this topic. 

Innovation and culture hub 

Several diplomatic officials took part: the Spanish Expo ambassador, Hansi Escobar, highlighted Málaga’s transformation from a Mediterranean beach destination to a centre of innovation and culture. Spanish Ambassador to the UN, Agustín Santos, applauded the city’s rich history. 

In addition to a promotional video, a message from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, was projected. He asked for support from the countries. And for the Andalucian city to carry out the project to “evaluate the impact of the urbanisation of the planet”. 

Other candidates 

The four other candidates are Phuket (Thailand), Belgrade (Serbia), San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina) and Minnesota (United States). 

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