Localised heavy thunderstorms and showers continue in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
rain and thunderstorms

Spain has had to deal with heavy rain and storms for the last few weeks. Although the precipitation is very welcome after weeks of extreme drought, the Aemet informs that Spain will not be rid of these heavy showers in the near future. Moreover, these are showers that erupt mainly in the afternoon. 

What is striking in the last period is that the heaviest showers and storms only become apparent later in the afternoon. The day starts sunny, or at least dry, and later it comes pouring down from the sky. “Why?”, many people wonder. The Spanish weather service, Aemet, explained this phenomenon via Twitter. 

Why mainly showers in the afternoon in Spain? 

Through the social platform, Aemet shared meteorological maps of the probability of precipitation during a day in Spain. This shows that in the morning there is a chance of light showers in a smaller area of Spain but that, as the day progresses, the chance of precipitation increases further until in the afternoon almost the entire Iberian Peninsula is covered with the green and orange spots representing precipitation. 

The Aemet writes that it is generally the case the clouds increase and concentrate during the day. This ultimately results in showers that only fall later in the afternoon or become heavier. 

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Also showers in Spain on Monday, especially in the afternoon 

This phenomenon will also be visible again today, on Monday 5 June. In the morning there is still very little going on in a large part of Spain. But, from around 11.00 am the Aemet will be issuing code yellow and orange due to storms and rain. Initially, this will only apply to the interior of Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia. However, later this afternoon, these areas will expand to the west and cover most of Spain. The (thunderstorm) showers, however, remain very local but are more widely distributed throughout Spain. 

What will the weather be like in Spain in the next few days? 

Tuesday morning, once again, it is expected to start dry and sunny in Spain. However, from the afternoon, rain and thunderstorms will enter Spain from the northeast. In the afternoon, these showers mainly linger in Navarre and the northern part of Aragon and Catalonia. 

On Wednesday, the Aemet expects a pretty wet day in almost all of Spain. With the exception of the extreme southwest, the Canary Islands and Menorca, it will rain almost all day in Spain. Temperatures will remain a bit higher in the coming days. These vary from 20 degrees in the north to 30 degrees in the south of Spain. 

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