Large-scale search for two missing Argentinian men off the coast of Málaga

by Lorraine Williamson
missing Argentinian men

MALAGA – Two Argentinian men, Emmanuel Soria (34) and Maxi Ludvik (29), have been missing since Sunday morning after a paddleboarding trip to watch the sunrise off the coast of Málaga. Their paddle board has been found. 

The men were last seen leaving their home early in the morning. They were equipped with a paddleboard and a set for drinking mate, the traditional Argentine tea. Furthermore, they had no phones with them and wore only swimsuits. 

Paddleboard found 

The latest update, in this case, is that a sailboat has found a floating paddleboard more than 25 kilometres southeast of Málaga. Part of their mate set was also found, according to sources from the Spanish maritime rescue team Salvamento Marítimo. 

Coordinated search 

After the report from the relatives, a large-scale search operation was launched. Several agencies, including Salvamento Marítimo, the Guardia Civil, the National Police, the Red Cross and the Spanish Air Force, are involved in the search. Three helicopters, four boats and an airplane have been deployed to the area where the paddleboard was found. 

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Dangerous conditions: Code yellow for strong winds 

According to the local news portal Málaga Hoy, a yellow warning had been issued for strong north winds. This was on the same day of as their disappearance. This raises questions about the safety and preparation of the two men. 

Fundraising campaign on social media 

Emmanuel Soria’s family and friends have launched a fundraising campaign on social media to raise money for his two brothers to travel to Spain to participate in the search. “We have reported, we have been to hospitals. They are wanted by the Guardia Civil, the police and maritime patrols,” Camila Soria, the sister of one of the missing men, told the Argentine news portal El Marplatense. 

Ongoing quest with focus on extended area 

After finding the paddleboard, the search zone has expanded. It now spans from the centre of Málaga to the east, up to the meridian of Nerja, and almost 30 kilometres into the sea. Two Salvamento Marítimo boats and a Guardia Civil patrol boat continue to search the area. 

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