Large Costa del Sol park open in a year

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new park in Costa del Sol

Work on what will no longer be the largest park on the Costa del Sol due to changes is starting to progress. Since its official start in August 2023, 30% of the project has already been completed. The municipality intends to open the 36-hectare park next May.

The total costs for the construction are estimated at €22.5 million. Due to the persistent drought in the province of Málaga, the municipality of Mijas has decided to make adjustments to the park design. The number of trees planted remains around 2,900. However, they have now opted for species that require less water. This reduces the required water consumption from 1,250 to 350 cubic metres per month. The new design also has a smaller grass area and the municipality will plant other ground cover plants.

Restriction to first phase

The original plans to develop the park in two phases have been revised. The municipality has decided to only realise the first phase now. This means that the total area of the park is reduced. Expansion to the second phase would require land expropriation. That will not be continued now. In their original dimensions, only the Maria Luisa Park in Seville and the Moret Park in Huelva would be larger in Andalucia, at 34 and 72 hectares respectively. The green area will extend roughly from the crematorium in Mijas behind the Miramar shopping centre to the Cerros del Águila district and the area of Venta de la Morena on the Camino de Coín.

Infrastructure and access

When the park opens in May 2025, the planned access roads and bridges will not yet be ready. The construction of this has yet to be put out to tender. An amount of €10 million has been reserved for this. To compensate for the lack of access, the south side of the park will have a temporary parking zone.


The park design provides various walking routes and thematic areas to spread visitor flows and prevent overload. The facilities are aimed at a wide audience, from children to seniors. Some highlights include:

  • Central boulevard: A 24 metre wide, mainly pedestrian-friendly boulevard with a 27.5 metre wide cycle path
  • Sports path: An 11 metre wide path with space for running, walking and cycling, equipped with rest areas and fitness equipment
  • Lake: An artificial lake with geysers and a waterfall, designed as a meeting and resting point. Visitors can explore the lake with small boats
  • Fountains: Two large, traditional Andalucian fountains with several water features
  • Theatre: An open-air theatre with seating for 1,900 people, suitable for concerts and meetings
  • Dog Park: An enclosed area with training facilities, games and facilities for dogs
  • Playgrounds: Several play areas for children, located in wooded open spaces
  • Water play park: A recreational area with water features near the lake
  • Sports fields: Four multifunctional fields for football, basketball and volleyball
  • Skateplaza: A zone for skateboarding, BMX and skating, including a skate park and a bowling zone

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