June shows historic drop in unemployment in Spain

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Hoistoric drop in unemployment in Spain

June shows positive numbers in terms of employment in Spain. For the second consecutive month there is a drop in unemployment. The last time Spain gained so many new jobs in a month was in 2005.

In June, the number of unemployed fell by 166,911, representing a 4.4% reduction in unemployment in Spain. In fact, just over 233,000 new jobs were added in the past month. Despite this significant increase in employment in Spain, 447,800 people are still dependent on a temporary unemployment government (ERTE).

Tens of thousands on ERTE find work in Spain every day

The Ministry of Labour and Social Economy presented last month’s figures on Friday morning. The development of employment figures in Spain is positive.

Earlier this week, Social Integration and Social Security Minister José Luis Escrivá informed Antena 3 that more unemployed people are working in Spain every day. He said the number of people under temporary unemployment benefits during the pandemic has more than halved since February.

Most new jobs in Spain since 2005

The total number of workers in Spain is currently 19,500,277. In June alone, 233,056 people were added. The last major boost to employment dates from 2005 when social security added 230,000 additional contributors.

How many unemployed does Spain have?

The number of unemployed in Spain currently stands at 3,614,339, the lowest figure since the start of the pandemic. For the time being, the people on the ERTE scheme (furlough) are not included in this. June is the second consecutive month in which unemployment figures have improved. In May, unemployment also fell by 129,378 people.

Unemployment by sector and region in Spain

The drop in unemployment is across all Spanish sectors except agriculture. In this sector, the number of unemployed rose by 1% due to seasonal factors. The service sector saw the largest drop in the number of unemployed in June at 4.9%.

It is important to note that unemployment fell in all Spanish regions in June. The largest declines occurred in Andalucia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

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