18 million people in Spain fully vaccinated

by Lorraine Williamson
Fully vaccinated on target

MADRID – With the new daily record of 747,589 shots achieved on Thursday, almost 38% of the Spanish population has now been fully vaccinated against the corona virus. Furthermore, over 7.5 million people have had their first shot. 

This is according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health. In fact, 17,990,526 people in Spain have received their second vaccination. This means 54% of the Spanish population has already been vaccinated at least once. 

More than 2 million shots in three days 

With the current Covid-19 injection rate, the Spanish PM expects 40% of all residents will be fully vaccinated this week. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday alone, 2.1 million people were vaccinated for the first or second time. 

The autonomous regions are doing everything they can to maintain the current rate of injection. Especially now as the high season is approaching and the number of infections is rising again, particularly among the young. 

80% of all over 50s fully vaccinated 

According to the Prime Minister, 4 in 5 Spanish residents, over the age of 50 are now fully vaccinated. Nearly 76% of those in their fifties have now been fully vaccinated. Also 26% of those in their forties and 12% of those in their thirties have now received the second shot. 

Even some of the young people in Spain have already been fully vaccinated. In the age group 20 to 29 years, 10% have already received the second vaccination. Among teenagers (12 to 19 years old), this percentage is considerably lower at 0.6%. 

Asturias frontrunner in vaccination campaign 

The regions of Asturias (46.9%), Galicia (45.7%), Castile and León (43.4%) and Extremadura (43.1%) have the highest percentage of fully immunised residents in Spain. The five regions with the lowest percentage of inhabitants who are fully vaccinated are the Canary Islands (35.2%), Murcia (35.2%), Catalonia (35.1%), the Balearic Islands (34%) and Melilla (34%). 

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