In which Spanish province infidelity is the highest?

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Spaniards are known for their passion, but research shows that they do not always limit this passion exclusively to their partner. It is striking that the figures on infidelity differ considerably per province.

The erotic webshop Diversual surveyed 5,318 Spaniards between the ages of 18 and 60 about their sexual habits. Nearly a third (28.97%) of respondents admit to having been unfaithful at some point in their lives. Interestingly, this is not equally distributed across all provinces. Some regions show strikingly large differences, with more than 20% difference between the province where people cheat the most and that with the most faithful partners.

Most disloyal province

Leading the list of most unfaithful provinces is Tarragona, where no fewer than 39.77% of respondents admit to having committed adultery at some point in their lives. At the other end of the list we find Palencia, where only 16.67% of respondents admit to having been unfaithful. These figures become even more interesting when the researchers compare them with other findings from the study.

Cogesa Expats

For example, Diversual reports that people in Palencia are not only the most faithful, but also have the least sexual activity of all Spanish provinces. They only have sex 6 times a month on average, which is a lot lower than the national average of 7.72 times a month. The libido is highest in Cádiz, where the frequency is the highest in all of Spain, with an average of 9.64 times per month.

Curious about the top 10 provinces where people cheat the most? Below you will find the list:

  1. Tarragona – 39.77%
  2. Cantabria – 39.68%
  3. Huesca– 36.84%
  4. Zamora–36.36%
  5. Lugo– 35.71%
  6. Girona– 35.44%
  7. Huelva– 35.29%
  8. Salamanca– 35.14%
  9. Pontevedra– 34.74%
  10. Lérida– 34%

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