In these Spanish municipalities, the house prices are the cheapest

by Lorraine Williamson
where house prices are lowest
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Buying a house is a big investment. However, the expense depends very much on where the house is located. And, as such, the price per square metre can also vary a great deal in Spain. Accordingly, the real estate platform Idealista compiled a list of the 25 Spanish municipalities where house prices are the lowest.   

El Carpio de Tajo, in the province of Toledo, is the cheapest municipality to buy a house in Spain. Here, house prices are the least expensive. The average price per square metre there is €304. Moreover, just €30,000 you can buy a terraced house with three bedrooms. El Carpio de Tajo is followed by the Palencian municipality of Barruelo de Santullán (€383 per square metre). Then three other municipalities in Castilla-La Mancha: Cebolla, in Toledo, with €401 per square metre and Almadén (€407) and Herencia (€413), in the province of Ciudad Real.  

Castilla-La Mancha 

Throughout Spain, prices of less than €450 per square metre are found in only 13 municipalities. In addition to the five previously mentioned, these are;

  • Mota del Cuervo (€416)
  • Malagón (€426)
  • Horcajo de Santiago (€432)
  • Torralba de Calatrava (€438)
  • Portillo de Toledo (€441)
  • Carrión de Calatrava (€445)

The above are all in Castilla-La Mancha. Furthermore, in Andalucia, in the town of Puerto Serrano, Cadiz, the price is €439 per square metre. Additionally, there is a municipality in the Valencian Community, La Pobla Llarga, with a price of €448 per square metre.  

Cogesa Expats

Prices just above €450 euros per square metre 

The province of Murcia has only one municipality, Bullas, with a relatively low price per square metre, €457. Two towns in Castilla y León, Bembibre (León) and Briviesca (Burgos) are in Idealista’s top 25, with prices of around €457 and €473 per square metre respectively.  

In Extremadura, Castuera is the cheapest municipality to buy a house, the price per square metre is €481. Balaguer, in Lleida, is the cheapest Catalan town to buy a house, with a price of €486 per square metre, and comes last in the list of the 25 cheapest cities in Spain. 

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