Idealista offers 8,000 penthouses along the coast in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
penthouse Spain

The warm weather and the wonderful sea are enough reasons to dream about buying a holiday apartment along the Spanish coast. The Spanish housing website Idealista may just give interested parties the push to take action. Especially if you would love to own a penthouse in Spain.

Idealista has published an overview on its website with more than 8,000 so-called áticos, penthouses and apartments on the top floor with a spacious terrace, spread throughout Spain. This is now also possible for people with a slightly smaller wallet, because the prices for a holiday apartment start from 45,000 euros. 

Penthouses and apartments for sale in Spain from 45,000 euros 

The cheapest penthouses can be found along the coast of Almería, in Roquetas de Mar. Not without reason; the sea view is fantastic, but if you turn around you have a view of a sea of ​​horticultural greenhouses. Also along the coast of Galicia you will find cheaper apartments with 3 bedrooms and a terrace from 45,000 euros. 

Penthouse prices in Spain run up to several million euros 

In addition to apartments for accessible prices, Idealista also shows penthouses with prices as high as 4 million euros. Alicante, Murcia, Málaga, Cantabria, the Canary Islands and especially the Balearic Islands are the places in Spain where the most expensive apartments and penthouses can be found. 

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Many advantages of own penthouse in Spain 

Idealista lists the advantages of having your own apartment in Spain. For example, you can go whenever you want without taking into account the availability of a holiday home. Also as an investment, and therefore receiving rent, your own apartment is a nice side effect. According to Idealista, investing in your own place in Spain is an investment in yourself and for your mental health. 

Apartments are new or in good condition 

Of course there are more houses in Spain that, after a (proper) renovation, can be used as a holiday home. When it comes to this list, Idealista assures potential investors that the more than 8,000 apartments have just been built or are in good condition. View here the list of offered áticos compiled by Idealista. 

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