Hotel booking app to include staff working conditions

by Lorraine Williamson
staff working conditions

BARCELONA – A new hotel booking app is to be launched by a Spanish chambermaids’ union which will include details of staff working conditions.

Most of us look to TripAdvisor or when searching for hotel accommodation. They provide helpful search options to cater for the main requirements. But what about the staff that help make your holiday an experience to remember?

Hotel booking app

The chambermaids´union, Las Kellys contacted these platforms but were unable to persuade them to include staff working conditions as an option for rating hotels. So, they have decided to launch their own platform. Without hotel cleaning staff, there is no hotel!

Crowd funding

They set up a crowdfunding campaign in July to reach an initial goal of €90,000. So far, they are almost at €85,000. The campaign to raise funds has a further 36 days remaining.

With this money they are going to create a Reservation Centre linked to the Seal of Quality and Fair Labour. Travellers will be able to book their rooms directly with them in the Hotels in the knowledge there is a union presence. And, where you can be assured that the rights of the workers are respected and there is no exploitation.

Cogesa Expats

Las Kellys trade union

The members formed an association in 2016 and then, founded the Barcelona trade union, Sindicato Las Kellys Cataluña.

There are also groups in the major cities throughout Spain as well as in the Balearic and Canary Islands. Also in popular tourist resorts such as Benidorm.

Respect, Beauty and Well-being

The project will begin in Barcelona but will spread throughout Spain and beyond. The intention of the Hotel Reservation Centre is not to be limited to a region or country, but to be on a global scale. “We want to Clean the World and inaugurate the New Era of Tourism based on Respect, Beauty and Well-being, which puts human interests before commercial ones throughout the planet” say Las Kellys.

The aim is to be up and running by 2022.

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