Halloween party ends in horror evening at Seville business park

by Lorraine Williamson
Halloween party

A Halloween party in Seville ended Saturday night with lots of police and ambulances. Eighteen young people between the ages of 14 and 17 became unwell because of overcrowded halls, too high temperatures and too little water. A situation that seems to have been created deliberately. 

For weeks, the police have been monitoring various calls on social media from Halloween parties. This is also the case for this party to which mainly teenagers were invited in a building on the industrial estate of Carretera Amarilla in Seville. At about 8.30 pm several reports were received by the police that it was getting too busy and the police decided to take a look. 

Many teens passed out, appeared dehydrated and had panic attacks 

Shortly after arrival, a 14-year-old girl needed to be treated by ambulance services. Moreover, she had passed out and had no feeling in her arms and legs. She was transported to the hospital. Just after the first report, more ambulances arrived as even more visitors suffered from similar complaints. Ultimately, eighteen minors were treated for dehydration, fainting and panic attacks. Two of them had to be taken to hospital. 

Inhumane conditions during Halloween party 

Upon arrival, the police found that the organisation left a lot to be desired. The rooms were too crowded and emergency exits were blocked. Several doors were closed and gates made it difficult for people to get out. Private security officers also report that there was no air conditioning or fresh air and that the water in the toilets was turned off. There was talk of ‘inhumane conditions’. 

Cogesa Expats

While ambulance and police officers looked after the youths and made sure they could get out to get the medical help they needed, the police were investigating a 42-year-old man, the organiser of the party. 

Organiser deliberately created situation to make money 

During the interrogation, the organiser gave no explanation for what happened. He only said that ‘he also had to earn his money’. The police told the Spanish news site RTVE.es that this situation, the lack of fresh air and the shutdown of water in the toilets, was deliberately created so that more water would be sold. However, there was so much demand that the organisation itself also ran out of water, with all the consequences that entailed. 

Start legal proceedings for criminal offenses 

The police have evacuated the entire complex and sealed the premises. The organisation has been informed that legal proceedings will be initiated due to the said facts. The officers also contacted the parents of the teenagers. Consequently, both parents and children are now aware of their rights as victims. 

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