Half of all holiday homes in Andalucia are located in the city of Málaga

by Lorraine Williamson
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MáLAGA – Andalucia has been a popular holiday destination for decades. Both for Spaniards and people of many other nationalities. This popularity is reflected in the wide range of accommodation in the region. 

In addition to countless hotels, apartment complexes, campsites and motorhome pitches, there are also countless holiday homes in this part of Spain. However, the majority of these are located in the province of Málaga and no less than half of all homes for tourist use can be found in the city of Málaga. This is while Andalucia has five provinces that lie on the coast. 

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According to data from the Andalucian Association of Tourist Homes and Apartments (AVVA), Andalucia registers a total of 92,206 tourist homes. 51,000 of these correspond to the city of Málaga. And the trend is that this number will increase. 

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According to the Opinion de Málaga newspaper, the popularity of tourist flats in the city has increased dramatically over the past four years. Since 2019, the supply of holiday homes in the city has increased by no less than 25%, while the number of hotels has only grown by 10%. 

On the other hand, the Ministry of Tourism of Málaga has pointed out that “tourist houses represent an additional accommodation for a specific type of tourists who, because of the space they want or the fact that they form families, decide to spend their holidays in this format”. 


According to the AVVA, the largest user profile of tourist flats consists of families. Carlos Pérez-Lanzac has stated that they are about 60% of the customers of this type of tourist accommodation, which is growing faster than hotels. 

For example, the turnover of tourist homes at the end of this year could reach €1.8 billion. 

The average stay in Málaga longer 

The AVVA chairman explains that a record number of overnight stays have also been booked. In addition, the length of the average stay in Málaga is higher than in the rest of the autonomous region. Pérez-Lanzac: “The economic impact is greater (…). We are talking about 4.8 or 5 nights in the case of Malaga and about 3.7 or 3.8 in Andalucia”. 

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