Four arrested in Barcelona for death of Canadian tourist

by Lorraine Williamson
Canadian tourist death

BARCELONA – Four young individuals, aged 19 to 21, have been arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra in connection with the death of a Canadian tourist in Barcelona.  

The incident occurred in mid-March when the victim, a 25-year-old, fell from a 4.5-metre-high bridge on the Ronda Litoral. He was trying to escape from robbers who had attacked him and his friends. However, despite being taken to Hospital del Mar, he sadly succumbed to his injuries.  


After an intensive two-month investigation, the Mossos have located the individuals believed to be involved in the fatal assault. 

According to the Mossos’ statement released on Wednesday, investigators have been working on the hypothesis that the death was accidental. The detained individuals, aged 19 to 21, are under investigation for charges of robbery with violence and reckless manslaughter. 

Canadian tourist fell from bridge

The incident took place on March 15th when the victim and his friends were ambushed by thieves as they left a nightclub in Sant Martí district. While two friends managed to escape, they later found their companion critically injured on the ground after falling from a 4.5-metre-high bridge. 

The Mossos d’Esquadra conducted a thorough investigation, analysing footage from various security cameras in the area during the relevant timeframe. Reviewing the recorded footage led to the identification of the suspects and revealed their movements that night. Further investigative efforts provided additional information linking the detained individuals to the events. 

Consequently, the four arrested suspects will face court proceedings in the coming hours. 


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