Former Minister of Transport Ángel Garrido leaves politics

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Ángel Garrido leaves politics. Image by PP Comunidad de Madrid

MADRID: The former president of the Community of Madrid and Minister of Transport Ángel Garrido announces he is leaving politics, Spanish news site ABC reports

Garrido spent 30 years in the PP and since 2019 was a member of Ciudadanos (Cs). He now feels politics closed to him and is contemplating his professional future.

The Madrilenian politician has been active for 30 years. He took the reins of the Community of Madrid until the appointment of Ayuso as a candidate for the 2019 regional elections. He then jumped to the ranks of Cs. This opened a schism with his previous party, and his relationship with Ayuso was far from good.

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“I acknowledge my inability to adapt”

“I have been enormously happy in politics (…). But the policy has changed. I don’t know if for the worse or for the better (…). I acknowledge my inability to adapt to this new scenario, which is not the fault of politics, it is mine,” Garrido announced.

“The other great agent of current politics is what we call polarisation, a euphemism to whitewash what is nothing but block politics, radicalism and, to a large extent, tension. For someone like me, who has always militated in the centre, it is honestly the worst scenario that can arise,” he adds.

Garrido will continue as a deputy for what remains of the legislature. He gave Ignacio Aguado, Cs spokesman in the Assembly of Madrid, “his affection and his trust from the first minute to the last. I wish him good luck, as well as Edmundo Bal, who is now undertaking an exciting task.”

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