Spain for Sure – welcomes the world´s citizens

by Lorraine Williamson
Spain for sure

MADRID – “A hospitable country for world citizens”. Spain´s image portrayed in the Spain for Sure campaign is intended to make the country even more attractive to foreigners. Spanish and international celebrities also play a role in the campaign.

The second part of The Spain for Sure campaign was presented to the Spanish governement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday. Manuel Muñiz, Chairman of España Global within the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, believes that the pandemic has hardly changed the image of Spain among foreigners.

Neverthless, the image of needs a boost after all the negative press regarding the corona virus. Furthermore, various quarters have already argued the governement should do more to promote Spain. As a result, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs now follows on from the first part of the campaign which was completed in June 2020. Moreover, now that the vaccination campaign is progressing, Spain is getting ready to welcome foreigners again in the near future.

Cogesa Expats


During the first part of the campaign, several famous Spaniards, such as Rafa Nadal, Isabel Coixet, Pau Gasol and José Andrés, demonstrate the culture, the gastronomy, and how diverse, and cosmopolitan Spain is. This second part of the campaign focuses on international celebrities who explain why they chose Spain to live and/or work in.

Videos from the campaign show the following acquaintances: the trainer of Atlético de Madrid, the Argentinian Cholo Simeone; the Secretary General of Ibero-America, Rebeca Grynspan from Costa Rica; vinologist Peter Sisseck from Denmark; the Cuban singer Lucrecia; the Italian physicist Caterina Biscari; the Lebanese violinist of Armenian descent, Ara Malikian; and the Briton Wayne Griffiths, Chairman of Seat.

Seven videos in emblematic places

The campaign consists of seven videos shot in symbolic places in Spain. The protagonists explain what they love about Spain and the open and inclusive nature of Spanish society. The campaign is sponsored by the CEOE union, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and other organisations working for Spain. Agreements have been made with broadcasters such as RTVE, Aena, Adif, Iberia and Renfe to broadcast the videos on television, on trains and aeroplanes and on social media channels.

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