Final chance to exchange pesetas in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
last chance to exchange pesetas

MADRID – There are long lines in front of various branches of the Banco de España. Residents of Spain can exchange their pesetas for euros until June 30. The Spanish bank says that Spaniards exchange an average of 170 euros in pesetas at the last minute. 

People in Spain still have more than a day to exchange their pesetas for euros. It has been no less than nineteen years since the euro was introduced and the Spanish peseta expired. Exchanging the Spanish currency for euros is possible until June 30 at one of the branches of the Bank of Spain. 

Pesetas will soon only be valuable for collectors 

Although the peseta can no longer be used as a means of payment, many Spaniards still have it at home. After June 30, the peseta may only be worth something if it is a very unique item – and of course for collectors – but in other cases the coin loses its value completely. writes on Tuesday that Spaniards exchange an average of 170 euros in pesetas. The Spanish bank said that Spaniards are expected to have around 1,580,000 euros worth of pesetas at home. 

Which Spanish coins and notes can be exchanged? 

The Spanish bank previously announced that only banknotes from after 1939 can be exchanged. Banknotes issued between 1936 and 1939 must be examined by a specialist before they are accepted. These documents from the Banco de España specify which Spanish coins and which Spanish banknotes are accepted. 

Long lines for branches of the central bank of Spain 

Tuesday is the penultimate day that pesetas can be exchanged. The Bank of Spain previously announced that Spaniards could exchange their pesetas without an appointment. Spanish news sites reported on Tuesday that in front of many branches of the Spanish Bank there are long queues with people who want to make use of this option. This is the case in Valladolid. 

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