Fewer trains between Malaga and Fuengirola due to lack of drivers

by Lorraine Williamson
Lack of drivers for trains in Malaga

MALAGA – The railway sector in the province of Málaga is struggling with a shortage of train drivers. This has an even bigger impact as it is in the middle of the high season on the Costa del Sol. As a result, on Thursday, 26 trains had to be cancelled because there were no drivers. 

CGT trade union in Málaga is calling for a strike on Sunday, August 15 at 12 noon. This will begin at the train station in the city of Málaga. It is demanded that Renfe hire more staff to allow for better working conditions and to address the lack of drivers. Due to the strike, another 16 trains will have to be cancelled today. 

According to Renfe, the majority of trains on the Cercanías service (short-distance trains) run normally. The affected passengers only have to wait for the next train. In the worst of cases, this only results in a delay of 20 minutes. 

However, Renfe regrets the incidents that occurred when some passengers came to the counters for redress. 

Early morning, the following trains were cancelled ‘for technical reasons’: 

Trains from Málaga Centro Alameda station at 11:30, 13:10, 14:50, 16:30, 18:50 and 20:30. And with departures from Fuengirola the trains are at 12:30, 14:00, 15:40, 17:20, 19:40 and 21:20. In addition, the 8 trains to Álora are not being replenished and six others were not running. 

At around 11:45 am, there was some chaos at the Maria Zambrano station in Málaga city. Stressed passengers, often with suitcases, came to redress and ended up on the platforms at the same time. Something that is not very useful in an epidemiological situation. 

The CGT union said 56 trains from Cercanías have been cancelled in the past 4 days. 

“With the emergency on the local railways in mind, we will continue to exert pressure from CGT to inform society about the serious violation of the mobility rights of citizens in the province that is now occurring.” Therefore, the strike will last from Sunday to next Tuesday after the ‘puente’. 

Lack of drivers

Better working conditions are demanded from Renfe so that all mobility needs can be met. Therefore, more professionals are needed to cope with the amount of work that is already there. Moreover, they oppose the privatisation of the station in Álora.  And insist, all trains from Cercanías, including those of the medium-distance and the AVE, must be used again immediately in the province. 

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