Ferry fire leaves 411 stranded in Spain

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ferry fire

A fire that broke out at 2.30 am in the engine room of the ferry Tenacia, operated by GNV, has left the vessel adrift. The ferry, which services the Valencia-Palma route, had 350 passengers and 61 crew members on board. All those on board have remained unharmed.

The ferry was approximately 22 miles from Ibiza when the fire started. According to Salvamento Marítimo, the fire was brought under control during the night, but as of 10.00 am on Monday, it was still active. Three firefighters from the Generalitat of Catalonia were airlifted to the vessel to help extinguish the blaze. Additionally, two other firefighting teams from Catalonia, two rescue ships, a Salvamento Marítimo tugboat, and several helicopters were dispatched to the scene.

Passengers and crew safe

The passengers and crew remain on board as the fire has been contained to the engine room. Moreover, no personal injuries have been reported. The fire broke out in an area accessible only to the crew. Initial firefighting efforts were carried out by the firefighters on board. The ferry had departed from Valencia at 10.30 pm and was scheduled to arrive in Palma at 5.15 am.

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Safety protocols activated

GNV stated that immediately after the fire broke out, safety protocols were activated, and the passengers were assembled. The ferry was also carrying cars and trucks and was supposed to depart for Barcelona at 10.00 am after arriving in Palma. The emergency services of the Balearic Islands, 112, have indicated that the shipping company has set up an information number for the relatives of those on board: the Italian number +390102094599. Information is also available through 112.

Plan to return to Valencia

Around 10.00 am, the shipping company informed the EFE news agency of its intention to return the vessel to Valencia. However, Salvamento Marítimo indicated that firefighting efforts were still ongoing at that time. The ferry was located about 52 miles from Mallorca and 22 miles from Ibiza.


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