Female passenger refused in Valencia bus because of too revealing top

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revealing top girl refused access

VALENCIA – Cristina from Valencia denounces a case of discrimination because of her clothes. She announced on her Twitter account that a bus driver of transport company EMT in the city refused her access to the bus because of her revealing top. 

“I wasn’t allowed to get on the bus because I was low-cut,” Cristina said on Twitter, calling it discrimination because of her clothing. Her tweet quickly went viral, gaining nearly 7,000 likes, 3,300 retweets, and over 3,000 responses. 

Regulation or discrimination?

She writes: “They banned me from a bus in Valencia because I wore a low-cut, revealing top and could insult other passengers. It’s not a bikini, it’s a top and I don’t want to show anything with it. I felt discriminated @emtvalentia. In 2 other buses, I just got access. Regulation or discrimination? 

Cristina denounces the fact that it is a form of discrimination and not company regulations because she was able to get on two other EMT buses.  

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Insulting other passengers

@MireyaC2D2 responds: “Really? I’m from Valencia and as such, it seems to me a deplorable attitude on the part of the bus driver. Insulting other passengers? I’ve sat next to rude people so many times and nothing was said at all, that’s an insult, that’s not a top!” 

Others think Cristina should have put on a t-shirt over her ‘bra’. And elsewhere there is a discussion about whether or not breasts belong to the intimate zones and the argument is made that you should not get on the bus with your bare buttocks. 

We apologise

EMT Valencia also contacted Cristina via Twitter to find out what happened and to identify those responsible for the incident. EMT writes: “Hi Cristina, thank you for letting us know. If you give us more information via DM, we can better investigate what happened to take the necessary measures. Thank you and we apologise for the bad experience”. 

However, so far, according to the newspaper NIUS Diario, it is not clear what the driver’s identity is and what version he would give of the incident. 


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