Extreme heat in Andalucia, Murcia and Valencia on Monday

by Lorraine Williamson
extreme heat on Monday

VALENCIA – In Andalucia, the provinces of Huelva and Seville will receive a code red on Monday. The warm terral wind continues to blow along the coasts giving extreme heat on Monday. Further east, Valencia is issuing a health warning for extreme heat in 170 municipalities. 

Also for the Vega del Segura in Murcia, AEMET warns with code red of temperatures so high that they pose an extreme risk to people when going about their daily activities. 

Record temperature in Cordoba 

The predictions that the Spanish weather institute had for Sunday, with maximums of up to 45 degrees, have come true. Fuente Palmera in the province of Córdoba has again reached a record with 45.4 degrees 6.30 pm. That was the highest temperature in Spain for the third consecutive day (0.5 tenths more than the previous day); La Rambla and Montoro also broke their 2022 record, with 44.7 and 44.1 degrees respectively. However, despite what the official measuring points indicate, some thermometers on the streets of Córdoba reached more than 45 degrees. 

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Hot nights 

The expected minimum temperatures also came true. Córdoba province is gearing up for one of its hottest early mornings yet this year with temperatures not dropping below 26ºC in the provincial capital. 

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Extreme heat for 170 Valencian municipalities on Monday

The government of the Valencian Community again warned on Monday about high temperatures in 170 municipalities. Especially in the southern part and inland of the province of Valencia and the north of the province of Alicante. 

The high temperature warning applies to the municipalities of El Comtat, El Rincón de Ademuz, El Valle de Cofrentes-Ayora, La Canal de Navarrés, La Costera, La Marina Alta, La Plana de Utiel -Requena, La Ribera Alta, La Ribera Baixa , La Safor, La Vall ´d’ Albaida, L’Alcoià, La Serrania, La Vega Baja, El Baix Vinalopó, L’Alt Vinalopó and El Vinalopó Mitjà. 

The nights are called ‘equatorial’, so tropical in the regions La Marina Alta, La Marina Baixa, La Plana Alta, La Plana Baixa, El Camp de Morvedre, L’Alacantí, L’Horta Nord, El Baix Vinalopó, La Vega Baja , La Ribera Baixa, El Baix Maestrat and Valencia. 

Better from Tuesday 

From Tuesday it will look better for those who do not like the heat. Although the temperatures will remain on the high side, they drop more towards the normal values ​​for the end of July. 

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