Do you already know this suspension bridge over the Mediterranean Sea in Spain?

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suspension bridge

The famous Senda Litoral (coastal path) will eventually connect the towns of Nerja with Manilva along the coast. A very spectacular part of this path for pedestrians and cyclists is located in Torrenueva Costa. It can be called an architectural wonder in the form of a suspension bridge.

In the heart of Granada’s Costa Tropical, this spectacular and unique stretch of path has been open for almost two years. The Pasarela Colgante de Jolúcar was designed by architect Jorge Suso Fernández-Fígares and is the first suspension bridge in the Mediterranean. The bridge has a length of 60 metres and a height of 35 metres. It forms a breathtaking viewpoint over the Alborán Sea.

This walkway is part of the Route PR-A 420 Miradores y Acantilados of Torrenueva Costa. The coastal path leads you along the sea, past rugged cliffs, pristine beaches and beautiful nature, while you enjoy the tropical climate that prevails here on the coast of Granada. And don’t forget the view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Experience the Mediterranean in a different way

The Jolúcar de Torrenueva Costa Suspension Bridge offers tourists and residents a new experience of the southern Spanish coast. The glass part in the middle creates frightening, but at the same time spectacular moments. You look straight into the depths beneath your feet. It evokes ‘the most diverse emotions’. The city’s official website highlights the unique experience this bridge offers within Spain.

Four years of planning and construction

The realisation of the suspension bridge was no easy feat. The careful planning and implementation took four years. Now this extraordinary project is a major tourist attraction and a source of income for Torrenueva Costa and the surrounding area. The bridge attracts thousands of visitors every month, both from Granada and from all over Spain.

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Respect for nature

The bridge at the natural site was also developed with nature in mind. Due to its durability and resistance, Iroko wood was chosen for the construction. This avoided the use of less environmentally friendly materials. This wood, which comes from Africa, fits perfectly with the glass part and the steel suspension of the bridge and enhances the feeling of height.

Beautiful experience at sunset

The best time to visit the suspension bridge is at sunset. Then the environment takes on a magical atmosphere in the warm rays of light from the disappearing sun and the LED lighting. The bridge, which barely moves, offers a safe experience even for those afraid of heights.

A new tourist identity for Torrenueva Costa

The suspension bridge has not only contributed to the tourist profile of Torrenueva Costa, but also helps preserve the natural environment. In 2023, a partnership was established with the El Saltillo Bridge in Canillas de Aceituno, Málaga. With this, both municipalities want to encourage and promote tourism and hiking trails in the area.

Visitor information

The bridge is located on a six kilometre long path that connects Torrenueva Costa beach with La Joya beach. You can reach the place via the A-7 or the A-44 from Granada. Visitors can enjoy this secluded beach and the unique experience the suspension bridge provides. With facilities such as toilets and changing rooms nearby, a comfortable visit is guaranteed.

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