Demonstrations in Barcelona for Spanish in School

by Lorraine Williamson
Spanish in school

Where the Catalans demonstrate at different times of the year for the independence of Catalonia, it was completely different on Sunday: Nearly 3,000 people demonstrated to get Spanish back in school. 

Although it became clear last weekend that the quest for independence in Catalonia is not yet over. Furthermore, this does not appear to apply to everyone. For years, Spanish (official; Castilian) has been a tricky subject in schools in Catalonia, as evidenced by the court ruling in November 2021 that at least 25% of classes must be taught in Spanish. 

However, this agreement is not yet complied with everywhere. For that reason, around 2,800 people demonstrated on Sunday in Barcelona. They demanding that Spanish become the language of instruction in Catalonia again. The demonstration was initiated by the platform Escuela de Todos. 

It is scandalous that Catalans have to fight for their rights 

People left on Sunday with banners with texts such as “Español, lengua vehicular” (Spanish, official language) from the Arco de Triunfo towards the Paseo Picasso. This was where a manifesto was then read at Marquès de l’Argentera. Several politicians from the Partido Popular, Vox and Ciudadanos were present. There were also many Spanish flags and texts against the independence of Catalonia. 

Cogesa Expats

Spanish in school

Mainly parents are fighting, even through the courts, to have their children receive Spanish education in school at Catalonia. Some politicians said it is outrageous that Catalans have to fight for equal bilingual education in this part of Spain. 

Vox threatens with article 155 of the Spanish Constitution 

Vox defends the application of Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution on this point. This means that the party believes that Catalonia is violating the rights of its inhabitants in this area. Should the Spanish government use Article 155, the autonomous leaders in the Catalan government could be obliged to implement the law on pain of being removed from office and deprived of all powers. 

In addition, those who do not obey the Spanish government can be punished with financial fines, imprisonment and expulsion from public and public office for many years. Abascal of Vox indicates that Spanish is the official language of the state. Therefore, these rights should not be violated. 

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