Damage caused by DANA rain in Madrid amounts to almost 60 million euros

by Lorraine Williamson
rain damage

MADRID – The damage from heavy rain and flooding caused by the DANA (isolated depression at high levels) that swept over the Madrid region at the beginning of September amounts to almost €60 million for that region. 

This was announced by Miguel Angel García Martín, the regional Minister of Presidency, Justice and Local Government. The amount will be forwarded to the national government to declare a state of emergency in the affected area. 

Quick action required 

The Madrid regional government has prepared a detailed report on the damage caused by the rains and floods early this month. Moreover, it covers provincial facilities, including bridges and roads. García Martín has therefore, called on the national government to act quickly to assist the affected population as quickly as possible. 

Focus on transportation 

Of the €58.5 million mentioned, 77% is intended for the repair of transport systems. Action also needs to be taken on seven roads and three bridges need to be rebuilt. This has a total value of €42 million. 

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Hundreds of interventions 

In the 12 days after the heavy rainfall, 163 interventions were carried out in 22 different areas, spread over 7 municipalities. Furthermore, 13 miles of public roads have been cleared and tons of mud and other materials have been removed. 

Education continues 

However, despite the disaster, measures have been taken to continue education for all students. In Villamanta, for example, all children are returning to their regular classrooms while repairs are carried out. 

Additional measures 

Also, as an interim measure, temporary classrooms have been set up in municipal buildings for students in secondary education. The Madrid region has also moved other students affected by the rains to nearby education and sports facilities. 

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