Cost of Living in Spain vs. the US: A Spaniard shares her experiences

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cost of living usa vs spain

Sheila, a young Spaniard who shares her life in the United States via TikTok, recently highlighted the differences in living costs between Spain and the US in one of her videos.

She explains how she had to adjust her daily routines to accommodate the higher prices in her new home country. “I understand that it is a little more expensive here because people have more purchasing power or whatever you want, but let’s see, I’m not stupid either,” comments the young woman in a video where she compares prices between countries.

Personal care: A costly affair

One of the first adjustments was related to her personal care, particularly visits to the hair salon. “I’ve only been to the hairdresser once since I’ve been here. Just for a cut, not for colouring or anything like that. I spent $100,” Sheila shares. She misses the “normal” hair salons available in Spain, where prices are more accessible and the experience is less luxurious. “Here, all the hair salons are upscale. You’re treated very well, and they offer you coffee or a glass of wine. It’s a great experience, but it comes at a cost,” she says.

The high cost of manicures

Regarding nail care, Sheila has also encountered significant price differences. “What I normally do in Spain, just a permanent polish, costs me €10 there and here it’s at least $40,” she shares with frustration. She understands that prices are higher due to the higher income in the US, but still finds the price differences excessive.

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Alternatives for going out

The nightlife in the US has also required Sheila to adjust. The Spanish habit of “going for drinks” and staying out until the early hours is hard to replicate in the US due to the high costs. “If you go out here, you’re definitely spending more than $100,” she warns. As an alternative, Sheila and her friends opt for less expensive activities, such as gatherings at home to play video games or going to bars with a dance floor, and they avoid places that charge an entrance fee.

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Clothing: Zara vs. Guess

Sheila has also had to adjust in terms of fashion. The perception of brands varies greatly between the two countries. “Buying clothes at Zara. Of course, you can afford it, but it’s not like in Spain where your entire wardrobe is Zara because it’s considered a more expensive brand,” she explains. In Spain, Guess is seen as a luxury brand, while in the US, the prices for such brands can be more accessible.

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