Congestions, accidents and fire brigade interventions by DANA in Madrid

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DANA in Madrid

On Monday morning, Madrid was in the grip of heavy rain showers due to a DANA. The showers led to 35 interventions by the municipal fire brigade. It was mainly concerned with accumulated water and removing broken branches.

The night leading up to this morning saw few incidents, but the situation changed quickly as morning broke. Inma Sanz, Vice Mayor of Madrid and head of the Security and Emergencies Department, explained that the night was relatively quiet with only three reported incidents related to the water until 8.00 am. However, several traffic jams arose on the ring road and other roads in the Spanish capital due to the persistent showers as a result of the DANA.

Increasing incidents

The number of incidents increased during the morning, mainly due to falling branches and flooding in homes, basements and garages. Nevertheless, Sanz indicated that the situations were not extremely complex. She expected that the problems could be resolved quickly, provided the rainfall abated.

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Elsewhere in the region

At a regional level, the Madrid region’s emergency number 112 had processed 72 reports of rain-related incidents in six hours. Things were also quite rampant outside the capital, especially in the mountain areas north of it. In some places, 15 litres of precipitation per square metre fell within an hour, the Spanish weather agency AEMET reported. This shows the widespread impact of the rainfall across the region. Authorities are preparing for further rain showers.

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Elsewhere in Spainrain

The rain is not limited to the central part of the country. At least until Wednesday, more showers and storms will develop in large parts of the south and east of Spain. Moreover, the atmosphere will be cool and will keep the heat out of Spain for a while. Showers will fall in Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid, inland Andalucia, Murcia and the Valencian Community, in addition to northern Aragon and also inland Catalonia. The chance of rain is also high on the Balearic Islands.

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