City in Spain bans fireworks on New Year’s Eve

by Lorraine Williamson

MANACOR – On New Year’s Eve, Epiphany and Sant Antoni, fireworks are prohibited. A Spanish mayor has signed an edict justifying the measure for reasons of peaceful living together. 

According to Diario de Mallorca, it concerns the town of Manacor on Mallorca. Mayor Miquel Oliver in the edict  “bans any use of pyrotechnic devices” during New Year’s Eve. Epiphany on the evening of January 5 and during the festivities of Sant Antoni on January 17.

Confiscate or remove fireworks

Local police officers are authorised to confiscate or remove all fireworks “immediately” if necessary.  

Cogesa Expats

The city council considers the ban necessary to “live together peacefully”. It also wants to guarantee an “also peaceful” use of roads and public spaces so that festivities can develop normally and in a pleasant way for all residents. 

Recommendations from psychologists and veterinarians 

In addition, the mayor also takes into account the recommendations of psychologists and veterinarians about the negative effects of fireworks on the health of certain groups of people and animals. Consequently, all pyrotechnic material is banned during the aforementioned folk festivals. 

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